VitaZone by Synergy

Nourishes all 10 bodily zones*
Supplies essential nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals*
Supports the body’s metabolism and helps you feel great*
Gives your body the building blocks it needs*
optimal levels of antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, and herbs*
Item No. SU74022 | 60 Packets



VitaZone provides a convenient, easy way to supplement your daily diet with the basic nutrients your body needs. Few other products can rival VitaZone’s combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant nutrients and digestive enzymes, all skillfully formulated to protect your cells.

Carefully chosen ingredients are responsible for VitaZone’s efficacy in each of your 10 bodily systems. VitaZone utilizes CoQ10, ginko, potassium, cayenne and l-carnitine to lay the foundation for a healthy cardiovascular system. Enzyme blends, turmeric, l-sporogenes, milk thistle, papain and bromelain are added to support the digestive system. To assist the immune system, VitaZone also contains pau d’arco, una de gato, bee propolis and green pepper. Horsetail and alfalfa join with l-sporoganes to keep the intestinal system in check. The l-sporagenes also work with potassium and asparagus to keep the urinary system healthy. A wide range of B-vitamins help the nervous system, along with ALA and DMAE. Asparagus is included in VitaZone for its positive effects on the respiratory system. For the largest organ in the body, the skin and hair, VitaZone added bilberry to work with alfalfa and horsetail in providing proper nourishment. VitaZone also features SOD, glucosamine, yucca, devil’s claw and boswellia for the structural system. Together, these ingredients nourish every part of your body and build a solid foundation for health.


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