UI Medical QuickChange Male Incontinence Wrap



UI Medical QuickChange Male Incontinence Wrap


This product is the best alternative to adult diapers, recommended for bed-bound & minimally-ambulatory male patients.

The wrap is also useful to promote prevention and healing of Incontinent Associated Dermatitis and pressure ulcers/injuries. Wraps can be used in conjunction with briefs, underpads, or disposable mesh pants.


  • • A soft, cloth-like, multi-layer, absorbent wrap
  • • Has a circular seal that prevents leaks and allows for all penis widths
  • • Has a premium closure/hook that adheres tightly and safely
  • • Has a top layer next to the skin that is soft and porous, so the urine is immediately wicked away to the absorbent middle layer, where urine is captured as a gel, dry to the skin
  • • Packaged in Packs with 25 wraps each


  • • For use at home and in a professional setting
  • • Made with comfort and performance in mind
  • • Less invasive for loved ones and caretakers
  • • Featuring extremely soft, premium materials
  • • Fewer soiled bed linens
  • • Maximum absorbency through a multi-bonded, air-laid core that holds up to 10x more than standard diapers
  • • Lab-tested for reliability
  • • Unique closure featuring hook & loop tape tab

For Care Givers or Hospitals

  • • One size fits all reduces THE need to inventory multiple sizes
  • • Lower facility costs with less miscellaneous inventory and reduction in catheter use ($15-$25 per catheter vs $1 per wrap)
  • • Less physical strain on staff since there is no lifting
  • • Allows for new COVID safety measures, changes take under a minute
  • • Fewer infections
  • • Easier than catheters
  • • Reduce CAUTI occurrences
  • • Outstanding option for Foley catheters
  • • Greater staff productivity

Available in 50 packs online. Call or email to request 100 packs.


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