The Moringa Organic Powder



MORINGA ORGANIC POWDER: Moringa powder is made by grinding the dehydrated Moringa leaves. Moringa leaves are the most nutrient rich parts of the Moringa plant. Moringa leaf powder contains 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants.  Moringa leaf powder is one of the richest source of natural Iron and calcium. Moringa powder is considered a natural multivitamin supplement.
The Moringa leaf powder is traditionally used. Our Moringa dry leaf fine powder has a fine grain size and Moringa powder can be added to milk, soup, tea, sauce and other food items.
Our Moringa leaf powder is hygienically prepared and packed. The powder made from fresh Moringa leaves seems to provide a long-lasting energy boost when used regularly.We are the leading Moringa leaf powder suppliers in the world.

We offer 100% pure and organic Moringa leaf Powder. Fresh Moringa leaves are collected from the Moringa tree. And it is dried in a low temperature. The dried Moringa leaves are grind into Powder form. The Moringa Leaf Powder is used in a wide range of products from the dietary supplements to the smoothie mixes. The Moringa leaves are carefully washed; shadow dried under suitable atmospheric conditions and then powdered. Heat is not applied in any stage of the processing and thus the nutrient values of the leaf are retained.We supply the original Moringa leaf Powder in bulk quantity.

Available in 240 grams/8.5 ozs and 480 grams/16.9 ozs containers

Moringa Powder

Additional Details: Moringa Powder 240 grams/8.5 ozs


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