PURE INTENSITY Tightening Solution




A Top Quality Vaginal Tightening Solution.

100% Natural Active Ingredients. It is odourless, transparent, 100% herbal, no chemicals, no dangerous side effects, once used, it gives you a feeling of virginity.

Pure Intensity is a famous herbal liquid that is a natural vaginal tightening product.   In addition to tightening your vagina naturally, this female sexual enhancement product comes with several unique benefits.
Cleanses, Soothes, Restores Muscle Elasticity, Postpones Ageing, Restore Lubrication, Tightens Vagina, Intensifies Sexual Pleasure. Feel the tightening sensation within minutes.  More and more women are coming to realize that they can actually enjoy a vaginal tightening without surgery.  Youre not alone.

For that experience you never FORGET. The PLEASURE that never has to STOP. Use PURE INTENSITY!!!

Ingredients:  Nigella Sativa, Lepidium, Sativum and Aqua.

Usage Directions: Shake well before use. Squirt liquid into vaginal passage 5-15 minutes before intercourse.

P.S; Not to used orally or prior to childbirth.

Price: US$29.95 per bottle, plus shipping.

Additional Details: Per Box


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