Nature’s Tea Digestive Cleanse




Nature’s Tea Digestive Cleanse.


A powerful purifying system, Unicity Cleanse contains all-natural cleansing and digestive health products to neutralize and dislodge toxins, waste, and parasites and remove them from your body. Containing UNICITYLIFIBER, UNICITYPARAWAY PLUS, and UNICITYNATURE’S TEA, it acts like a gentle brush—grabbing buildup and cleansing your entire digestive system. Cleanse with Nature’s Tea helps rid the body of toxins with a steeped daily tea.

Why would I want to use it? All-natural cleansing and support for your digestive system

*Naturally supports digestive regularity *Supports a properly functioning microbiome *Jumpstarts a healthy metabolism  *Enhances how you look and feel. An initial step towards achieving weight loss goals.  *Includes 5 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber  Ecacious amount of herbs and botanicals  * Product Usage NotesAloe Vera, Nature’s Tea, and Paraway Plus are short- term use products—meaning that they should be taken no longer than thirty consecutive day s and wait at l east thirty day s before using again.

Unicity Science recommends using these products once quarterly.LiFiber i s a daily use product. Unicity Cleanse is a state-of-the-art system that helps to first cleanse and then nourish a healthy microbiome. It helps the body clear t he digestive tract, supports the replacement of good bacteria , and then nourishes the good bacteria with prebiotic ingredients—allowing a healthy microbiome to flourish.

How do I use it? A 30-day cleanse schedule includes: Unicity 30-Day Cleanse System Includes:1. Aloe Vera or Natu re ’s Tea: each have laxative properties that clean the slate by helping to push out good and bad bacteria for a short period of time.

*2. Paraway Plus: a patented blend of the best herbal ingredients recognized for their cleansing properties, helps to kill parasites and flush them out of the body.

3. LiFiber: is a good bacteria superfood and helps to encourage the growth of good bacteria due to its potent prebiotic properties


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