Hempworx for Pets




  • Hempworx For Pets
  • Dog Treats and Oil
    We have 2.5mg Dog Treats and 250mg Bacon Flavored Hemp Oil available.
  • Soy Free, Corn Free, and Grain Free
    Our HempWorx Dog Treats are soy free, corn free, and grain free.
  • Made in USA
    Our HempWorx Pet Products are all made in the USA and are free of any artificial ingredients
    • Two Flavors
      Our HempWorx Dog Treats are Beef Flavored, and our 250mg Pet Oil is Bacon Flavored.
    • CB2 Receptors
      These products activate the CB2 receptors for your furry friends. By activating these receptors, studies have shown that it can help optimize overall health and balance.



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